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The National Miniature Pylon Racing Association (NMPRA) is the official Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) Special Interest Group (SIG) for radio control pylon racing. The influence we can apply on issues that impact racing models is dependent on the interest level. This interest level is judged by the size of the Special Interest Group rosters. We need your support through joining the NMPRA.

If you like to race model aircraft, you need the NMPRA to have a voice in Noise limitations, Insurance, Flying Sites, Speed Records, Team Selections, National coverage in magazines, Pylon Racing Rules, Qualification of Contest Directors and much more. All of these topics apply to the pylon special interest and your ability to find places to enjoy this segment of the hobby. Without your support as a member, those that actively work for the betterment are severely handicapped.

The NMPRA newsletter contributors keep you up to speed on the latest technical developments, contests, pylon product offerings, and national points,. The NMPRA has developed a unique scoring system designed to lessen the gap between sections of the country with large turnouts and those with small turnouts.

Finally, the NMPRA needs funds to operate the AMA Pylon Nationals, maintain the NMPRA website, and provide National Point winner prizes. There are no paid helpers in the NMPRA administration. Every hour is donated by the individual and your participation is encouraged.

Help us continue to promote and support the thrilling sport of RC Pylon Racing by Joining Today!

…and bring a friend.

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