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NMPRA Forum Policy

Postby administrator » Thu Feb 04, 2010 9:52 pm

The NMPRA Forum is intended for the exchange of information related to Radio Control Pylon Racing.

In addition, close friendships are forged through our interactions at races. The forum is also a place to have fun, bench race during the winter months, and keep in touch with friends from around the world.

Advertising Policy:
R/C Pylon Racing is a small tight knit community. The suppliers that support our niche of the hobby are typically racers themselves. Limited advertising is permitted on the NMPRA Forum but we ask in return you join the NMPRA if you’re not already a member. Additionally, we also ask that the advertising be limited in quantity, tasteful in nature and directly of interest to the NMPRA pylon racing community. The Webmaster and Administrator will exercise their sole, exclusive and final disgression and judgement as to the propriety of any submission that they feel constitutes advertising or solicitation of any manner and in any form. Abuse of this policy will be grounds for dismissal from the Forum.

Moderation Policy:
The NMPRA forum is moderated to assure posts remain civil. If a moderator believes a post/thread violates this simply rule, the post will be deleted. If a user violates this policy a 2nd time, his/her posting privileges will be revoked for the period of 1 year.

Enjoy the NMPRA Forum.
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