2018 Warbird National race

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2018 Warbird National race

Postby mflood3800 » Sat Jan 13, 2018 12:21 am

Hey racers,
Many of you know we (Warbird) wont be back at the Nats in Muncie this year (2018).
It is not because of anything other than time, distance and participation.

The week of pylon is awesome. I have been there the last 2 years and am so glad I was able to experience Muncie.
But n matter where slotted the Warbird event, at the end or the beginning, it put a lot of strain on racers vaca time, and hotel expense etc. With 2 days already in 426 and another 2 days in 422 plus EF1 or 424, it was just too long to be in Muncie.

Second reason we are not going there in 2018 is the travel distance for those who are Warbird focused. With most of our racers being West Coast- that is a long way to go. We were so thankful the AMA allowed us 2 days to race to help validate the trip for those who only came out for the Warbird event.

Thirdly is the participation numbers. I personally feel are directly related to the first 2 reasons.

With all this said, we want to continue Warbirds on a specisl National level.
So we are looking at an Oct Race in Woodland, Ca.
Polling numbers indicate between 60-80 entries are doable.

This race will still use the basic rules from the Nats with the only difference being what criteria is used in case of a tie breaker.

We are again joined by YS Engines, APC props for this event. We have already accumulated other great sponsors and look forward to super National level event, sanctioned by the AMA.

More info will be posted as it becomes finalized.
I just felt we needed to get some info out there.

The Warbird National event is not dead, it is just moving.
Though this wont be an official Nats event, it will still be a National event drawing pilots from across the country as well as the globe
Stay tuned ......
Marty Flood
Team JR
YS Engines

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