Install a CG Tank in a Wood Fuselage

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Install a CG Tank in a Wood Fuselage

Postby sahartman21 » Sat Jul 01, 2017 9:34 pm

I've found that I like using a Jett CG tank in my Q500 models. When properly installed a CG tank is higher in the fuselage than other tanks. This reduces the likelihood that the engine will go lean in a tight turn.

Unfortunately the CG tank may appear to be too wide for some installations.

Here's how to squeeze the wide CG tank into a Seeker with wood fuselage:

1) Squash the sides in the front of the tank to narrow the width.
2) Tape on a piece of carbon fiber tube to keep the tank out of the nose.
3)  Wrap electrical tape around the nose and back areas of the tank.  The tape around the tank also provides protection from wing bolts.
4)  Run gold-n-rod or similar plastic tubes back to the tank area to assist in the routing of the tubing.
5)  Push the fuel tubing and tank pressure tubing onto the plastic tubes.
6)  Slide the tank in with the normal processes.
Scott Hartman
Fritch, TX 79036

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