A Composite Proud Bird Q40 Build by Toni Pacini

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A Composite Proud Bird Q40 Build by Toni Pacini

Postby DonStegall » Tue Jan 16, 2018 4:06 am

This thread on RCPRO is a great thread for people just interested in seeing composite construction. I need to convert it to a document because everyone that commented on it found it to be a great piece.

Composite Q-40 build from masking through molding


RCPRO is hosted on the Microsoft Cloud and is a safe site. Some PDF and other attachments like ZIP files may get flagged by Norton Anti-virus. They are trying to keep up with PC Matic and their whitelisting says some files are dangerous that are not. I'm working on new modern forum software that will allow uploaded files to be signed by Verisign.

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