Final NCPL race 2017

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Final NCPL race 2017

Postby splatt » Mon Oct 02, 2017 7:32 am

Hello everyone,

We wrapped up our season of 426 racing at Grassfield and I tell yah, the field was on fire, or at least we had plenty of kindling afterward to start one.


Jim Nicodem gathered the longest distance traveled trophy and was rewarded with a perfect score as we literally fell over ourselves and bashed our planes into the ground to make sure our guests felt welcome :oops:


All summer we had a total of seven races and on Saturday we wrapped up the season with the NCPL Shootout. After the race, we took the top six in points from the season and had two three plane heats then took the top two from those to come down to the final four. Tim B. , Pat G., Randy E and Jesse P.


Somehow the R-200's rose above the carnage and It was Pat G. who managed to stay cut free and win the NCPL 2017 Shootout

We are going to have a one more 426 race October 7, as a memorial for Lee LaValley and eat ourselves fat afterward. You are invited to come. Watch the weather, make the trip ! 6 rounds of 426

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