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Contest Directors (CD's) that put on RC Pylon Races are the NMPRA's front line fighters for growth. Without races, interested modelers have no reason to take the plunge into Pylon Racing.

Running a race can seem like a daunting task for first time CDs. The NMPRA Checklist was developed to help you gather all the required gear and make sure you have everything needed come race day.

NMPRA Running a Race Checklist

The NMPRA Forum is another excellent source of information. Fellow racers/CD's are always willing to share tricks for executing a fun contest.

The NMPRA Software page provides a number of helpful tools for Matrix generation and results tracking. The Paul Herman Race Software has been adopted by many races as the standard. The output of this software can be sent to the NMPRA Webmaster for inclusion on the Events page. This is an excellent way to archive results and provide a means of promotion for your race.

Building #1 Lights